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Get a Certified Wage and Hour Attorney San Diego, CA

San Diego Wage and hour Attorney

San Diego Wage and hour Attorney

Everyone who works for a living deserves to be paid adequately and, this includes overtime payments. Most state laws have it that overtime pay for non-exempt employees who have already worked 40 hours fulltime should be nothing less than time and a half of their regular rate of pay. Many employers are guilty of disregarding this law and underpaying their workers, some even go as far as threatening to sack the employees if they complain. If as a staff of an organization, you are going through this ordeal then do well to seek legal counsel. An experienced Wage and Hour attorney here in San Diego who is very familiar with the dictates of the law is your best bet. Your attorney will help you craft a solid case that will guarantee your deserved compensation.

San Diego Wage and hour AttorneyRawa Law Group is your sure choice for stellar legal representation and guidance. We are a foremost legal establishment in California with vast experience in legal matters. Our track record of outstanding legal services surely speaks for us and you can be assured that your case is in capable hands. We have a team of expert Wage and Hour attorneys here in San Diego who will make sure you get the right attention and compensation.
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