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What You Should Know About a Labor and Employment Attorney

Who Is A Labor And Employment Attorney?

When employees are being mistreated at their workplace, or there are serious issues between an employer and his/her employee(s), a labor and employment attorney is the one who steps in to establish a truce.

A labor and employment attorney briefs both employer and employees on the established legal standards from the local level up to the federal level.

Not only does an employment attorney advice employer’s and their workers on legal standards in the workplace, but they are also responsible for employee handbook review, tackle issues associated with wage law as well as stand in to ensure that employees get fair treatment at their place of work.

Some employees must have suffered from workplace discrimination or sexual abuse. It is the labor and employment attorney who comes in to ensure that the rights of these people aren’t trampled upon.

Employment attorneys are not only useful to employees alone. They equally represent these employers before the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).

Additionally, employers seeking guidance on issues pertaining to the National Labor Relations Board can always turn to the employment attorney.

Labor Laws and Employment Laws

Although people wrongly juxtapose labor laws and employment laws, there exists a sharp difference between both of them from a legal perspective.

Failing to know the difference between these terms can have scathing effects on both employer and employee and hence the guidance of a labor and employment attorney is paramount.

When You Need an Employment Attorney to Intervene

There are a dozen cases when you would need an attorney to intervene;

  • As an employer, your employees show signs of embarking on a strike
  • You want to fire someone who hasn’t performed satisfactorily
  • Your employer is threatening a lawsuit or your employee is willing to file for unfavorable workplace conditions, termination of a contract or unwanted overtime duration.

Cost of Hiring a Labor and Employment Attorney

As is with most cases and lawyers, your employment lawyer can bill you on an hourly basis. However, in case of a possible damages award, some attorneys will only collect a part of your received funds.

Damages payouts are only awarded to employees so labor lawyers only have contingency arrangements with the workers. However, before bringing in an employment attorney, there should be agreement on the percentage or hourly charges before work can proceed.

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