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When you suffer any personal injury that you think is due to someone else’s carelessness, you deserve to have an attorney handle the case if you will be compensated or hope to be.

Surely, not all slip and fall cases require an injury lawyer. However, if the slip and fall cause a severe injury, you might need to contact an attorney as soon as possible.

So many people might get confused as to if they can go ahead with the process of filing a case on their own and when they should seek professional help.

When Should You Hire A Slip And Fall Attorney?

If your slip and fall injury case is a small one, that is the fault is obvious, then you may not really need to call an attorney. However, if the case is serious and the culprit isn’t obvious or yielding, then it might be the right time to seek professional help.

A typical case is a slip and fall accident in which the culprit isn’t always obvious. Besides, in slip and fall accidents, the insurers will not take an unrepresented individual seriously. So in other words, you might not make any headway with your slip and fall injury case if you fail to get an attorney involved.

Once an attorney steps in, the first thing he does is get the attention of the insurer and/or defendant. To get anywhere with your case, you might need to prove the damages and liabilities involved, and an attorney would identify how these factors negatively and positively affect your case.

How Does Your Attorney Prove Liability?

When you slip and fall and sustain an injury, your lawyer needs to prove that the defendant was negligent or careless and his/her carelessness played a role in your injury.

In proving liability, the attorney needs to analyze the accident, ascertain how you fell and find a way to legally pin it on the defendant.

How Does Your Attorney Prove Damages?

Proving damages isn’t just a matter of verbal expression of your injury and how much money you lost. To prove any serious damage, you will have to get it documented – lost income from your tax reforms and returns and bills for the medical record. In the situation where there are insufficient pointers to pin your defendant, your lawyer can request a ‘casual relationship’ letter from your doctor.

Although this letter might be expensive (costing up to a thousand dollars), your attorney does more to check your pains and present it in the best possible way to your insurer.

Is It Expensive To Hire A Slip And Fall Attorney?

Generally, hiring a personal injury attorney will cost you a reasonable amount. However, a firm such as Rawa Law Group allows you to hire an experienced attorney without paying a dime until you have been compensated fully.

Rawa Law Group parades some of the brightest heads in the industry with attorneys who know the law of the state and its limitations and work perfectly within its structure.

It is better to hire an attorney immediately when you slip and fall and think someone is to blame.