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When Do You Need to Hire a Work Injury Attorney?

Sometimes, workers may be unfortunately involved in a workplace accident and suffer minor to severe injuries.

Workplace injuries might be caused by a defective machine or product, an employer’s negligence to work environment safety or a third party.

In cases of minor injuries, the solution wouldn’t be far fetched. Victims might just take a few hours or days off and get some pills and that’s it. However, if the case is severe, like causing a permanent disability or illness, there is need for the victim(s) to be compensated.

The procedures involved before this compensation can be achieved might be daunting and hence require expert guidance. In such cases, an experienced Work Injury Lawyer comes in handy.

Here are Instances When You Need to Hire a Work Injury Lawyer

  • If your injury is severe and you can’t work as you do anymore
  • If your employer and/insurance company have declined your injury claim
  • If you have not been compensated duly
  • If you find it hard to comprehend the work injury compensation process

However, there are a few instances when you don’t need to hire a work injury attorney.

As said earlier, if your injury is minor and you are being discharged by your doctor that you can get back to work without issues, then you don’t need to hire an attorney. In such cases, your employer has probably given insurance covering your medical bills while letting you have your normal wages.

Regardless of the situations surrounding your work injury case, it is always in the best interest to have an expert who will help you navigate the process of making your claim till you’re compensated.

Sometimes you might not be in the right state to return to your job and will need to get an alternative. In some states, there are vocational services for individuals that need to get an alternative job when their injury won’t let them return to their former workplaces. A work injury attorney can help with this process and ensure you get the necessary benefits.

If your injury is so severe that you cannot work anymore, an attorney can help you file for Social Security Disability benefits.

If there happens to be any form of dispute between you and your employer as regards your work injury, your attorney (work injury attorney) will stand in for you.

It is best to contact a work injury lawyer as early as possible for a better understanding of your case and representation.

Rawa Law Group is a reputable firm when it comes to hiring personal injury attorneys. With more than 3 decades of experience, we have helped injured workers get a smile back on their faces.

Our pool of experienced and licensed work injury attorneys are at your back and call for a free consultation. While on your case, we keep you updated and won’t charge a dime until we have reached our goals.

What is required is candidness and cooperation from injured persons and we at Rawa Law Group can guarantee only the best legal services.