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When Do You Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

Personal injury cases are not always the same. These cases occur in different shapes ways and in varying degrees. For example, damages sustained from using a product, medical malpractice, injuries sustained as a result of a slip or fall, and auto accidents all fall under the category of tort.

Tort lawsuits are very common in the United States of America because it offers a platform for the wounded party (plaintiff) to seek reprieve from the offender (often called the defendant) for a wrong done intentionally or unintentionally.

Auto accidents are very common and they are caused by different factors. This form of mishap can be caused by a mechanical failure such as brake malfunction or an engine problem. It could also be brought about by human factors such as an intentional plan to kill or hurt the other person or loss of concentration when controlling the steering. However, if you feel that you are at a disadvantage due to an auto accident caused by an intentional act or error from another person, you can seek compensation or judgment legally. As a plaintiff, the only way to present your case in the court of law is through an auto accident attorney. What the auto accident attorney does for you is to help you recover all or part of the damages caused especially if the auto accident is caused by reckless driving.

Usually, as a victim of an auto accident, it isn’t immediately this unfortunate circumstance occurs that you drag the defendant to the court of law. There is a grace period. In most states of the federation, defendants have a grace period of two years to regularize. If after this period of two years, the defendant is not seeking to compensate the plaintiff or reluctant to do so, the plaintiff will be right to seek redress in the court of law.

Below are some of the scenarios that could warrant involving an auto accident attorney in a personal injury case.

  1. If the auto accident results in the death of one or two persons.
  2. If several persons come out from the accident hurt or with varying degrees of injuries.
  3. If the auto accident prevents you from leading a normal life.
  4. If you have spent an extended period of time out of work or school as a result of the accident.
  5. If the defendant is unwilling to accept fault for the damages caused or is unwilling to take responsibility for the accident.
  6. If you’ve stayed longer than expected in the hospital and your long-term health is affected.
  7. If you are unable to cope with the cost of treatment. Sometimes, medical bills could be very high.
  8. If you are not getting enough support through insurance after the auto accident.
  9. If the accident is beginning to cause emotional trauma, mental issues, immense pain, and suffering.
  10. If the legal and medical details of the accident are not clearly stated.

If at any point in time you feel you need an experienced auto accident attorney, be sure to reach out to us at Rawa Law Group.