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What Should I Know About Unsafe Child Toys and Baby Gear?

Legal Settlement - Blank Check DisbersementOver the years, you may have heard of toys being recalled due to manufacturing defects as well as many other reasons. Around the holidays, it is important to understand that there are very real dangers with an assortment of toys and gear so you can protect your children from any product liability harms. Unfortunately, many recalls do not come to light until a child has already been injured or, in the worst cases, killed. Under the age of five, over 70,000 children have suffered injuries from specific products according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Concerns for Infants, Toddlers, and Preschoolers

One of the first things that you might think about in regards to small children is the hazard of a product that is too small. Obviously, small products carry the very real hazard of becoming swallowed and lodged in the windpipe (wrongful death), which is why you should avoid toys like marbles for small children. (1) However, you may also be surprised to find that bathtubs are high on the list of hazards as well. Children should never be left alone in bathtubs or slings and should stay visible to parents to reduce the likelihood of a drowning event.

Why Are Children’s Toys So Hard To Open?

So why are children’s toys hard to open? That is for the protection of the child. If some toys are easy to open, they could be consumed by an infant, and possibly choke on the object. We would not want that to happen. This is the reason that manufacturers make it difficult for an infant, small child and even sometimes an adult has a hard time to open the package. Another question is how to choose baby gear? One thing you must be sure of is that the gear is safe for the child. So many times today manufacturers do their best to ensure that the baby gear is safe only to find out later that they missed something and a child is injured or death has occurred. So parents must be diligent to making sure that the baby gear has been thoroughly tested before purchase for your child.

Stroller Safety

You should always attempt to purchase a stroller that has brakes or easy locks for its two wheels. This is due to the fact that it is more difficult for the stroller to get away from you. Another real hazard will difare finger pinches, which can occur when the infant or toddler is too close to the stroller when it is open or closed. A child should also always be buckled into the stroller so that they do not fall out.

Some other hazards have been found in play yards due to faulty side rails and baby monitors when the cord becomes wrapped around the baby’s neck and causes strangulation. Because there are so many risks with so many products, it is important to read up on specific products before you buy them as well as look into any recalls. (2) Call Rawa Law Group APC San Diego Ca., today if you have any questions about a case.

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