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Westminster Attorney

Westminster Attorney Services

Westminster Attorney

Westminster AttorneyIn 1957, Westminster was officially recognized as a city in Orange County, California. The city is uniquely distinct due to its significantly large number of Vietnamese residents. According to the United States Census conducted in 2010, Westminster has a population beyond 89,000. One of the significant attributes of the city is its landlocked stance.

Regardless of the landlocked nature of Westminster, businesses continue to flourish. The city has its fair share of enterprises in different sectors supporting the local economy. With the day-to-day activities of residents, undesired occurrences happen such as the slip and fall accidents, wrongful dismissals, occupational accidents, unlawful terminations, and many others. The need for legal representation is genuinely understated. Rawa Law Group intends to assist victims and their families get the assistance they need.

Perhaps you or a loved one while working within the premises of another, slipped and fell resulting in an injury. You can commence a slip and fall case against the property owner. At Rawa Law Group, our personal injury attorneys are ready to ensure justice is done regardless of the position of the defendant in such a situation.

In Westminster, California, there are laws which demand that workplace injuries are covered by insurance plans funded by the employer. Yet many workers are denied these compensation claims due to one reason or the other. If you were involved in a workplace injury and have been wrongly denied the compensation claim, our attorneys at Rawa Law Group can assist you in getting what you rightfully deserve.

As an hourly employee, it’s expected you should be paid in accordance with the Fair Labor Standard Act (FLSA), but many employers keep defaulting. If you are affected by a wage theft in Westminster, CA, we can help you recoup all the back payments regardless of when this first occurred. Just take the initiative, and speak to one of our diligent attorneys, and it’s done.

Harassment and discrimination cases are becoming rampant. If a superior at your workplace is harassing or discriminating against you for whatever reason, you can sue the offender immediately. However, gathering ‘dirt’ on the guilty person would help your case in such a situation. You can lodge a complaint in writing and if nothing is done, you can go on to sue the offender. Our attorneys at Rawa Law Group are willing to assist you to get justice in the shortest possible time.

Having worked in an establishment for several years without going contrary to the terms of engagement, it can be quite disappointing to have your appointment wrongly terminated. While it’s the employer’s prerogative to fire erring employees, the sack hammer shouldn’t be used on workers based on their age, gender, and other factors. If you feel this was the reason why you or a loved one was sacked from an enterprise, you can sue the company and get a settlement claim which will depend on the level of damage done by the wrongful termination of your appointment. At Rawa Law Group, our interest is centered on providing you with the legal representation needed to get what’s rightfully yours.

In Westminster, people are still struggling with the effects of discrimination based on temporary and permanent disabilities. You shouldn’t accept any form of discrimination regardless of who the offending party is. Reach out to us at Rawa Law Group, and our attorneys will take up the case and act swiftly towards getting the right settlement.

A will or trust can help safeguard the future of your loved ones in your absence. You can have their day-to-day expenses adequately catered for through a revocable living trust. This isn’t difficult to put together though it might involve the input of an attorney. A will is more complicated to implement, and it takes time to execute due to a lengthy court process. A will and trust attorney can put a square peg in square holes to cut short the time taken. At Rawa Law Group, we have the attorneys with the right expertise to oversee the creation of a legal document which gives you what you want without any problems in the future.

If any of your loved ones die from the negligence or misconduct of another, a wrongful death claim can be made against that person. This would usually involve proving that your loved one could still be alive if the guilty party wasn’t negligent. With your help, the attorneys at Rawa Law Group will sue everyone culpable for the wrongful death of your loved one.

In Westminster, the issue of overtime exemption is greatly understated as many employees don’t know their right. While cases of overtime exemption might be work sensitive, many employees are exploited to work extra hours without being paid overtime. If you suspect that you are supposed to be a beneficiary of overtime exempt, but this hasn’t been the case, talk to us at Rawa Law Group, and an attorney will do a thorough check to validate your claim and take the necessary action.

Accidents happen, but it’s more often due to the negligence or misconduct of one of the drivers concerned. Drinking while driving or drunk driving has been quite prevalent despite the amount of publicity associated with this particular crime. If your loved one has been involved in an accident where one of the drivers involved in the accident tested positive to alcohol intake, you can make him pay for his action. Rawa Law Group would be glad to assist you to ensure he serves time for his crime.

Cases of sexual harassment are recorded every day in Westminster despite the laws put in place to checkmate it. This cuts across both genders and shouldn’t be treated with kid gloves. If you’re faced with such a situation in your workplace or a public place, you can take legal action against the offender. It’s important you collect as much information to support your case.  At Rawa Law Group, we are ready to help you along this tortuous journey of getting justice served in a timely manner.

It’s time to leave the shadows and let your voice be heard. At Rawa Law Group, we are willing to ensure your cry for justice reverberates throughout the courtroom until victory is certain. Just endeavor to reach out to us on 844-444-1400, we listen.

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