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Newport Beach Personal Injury & Accident Lawyers

Newport Beach is located in Orange County, California, with a population of just over 85,000 people. Its history is rich with the Upper Bay being a canyon, which was carved by a stream in the Pleistocene period. Before settlers even arrived at the coasts of California, the Newport area was very prominent in Indian Lands. This is what makes Newport Beach very interesting and popular to many to this day. Many of the people living in Newport Beach have made great lives for themselves, but this does not mean that the inevitable may happen and they may be faced with a decision to protect themselves. This is why the people of Newport Beach need an attorney that they can trust, and we are those lawyers.

Hospitals of Newport Beach

You may be surprised to find that the number one employer in all of Newport Beach with 3,000 employees is actually a very specialized hospital. This doesn’t mean that many of these people are going there due to accidents, but hospitals have not always been known to be free of accidents themselves. We are there for you when you believe that the care you received at a hospital is not up to standard.

When this happens to you, the last thing you want to do is to try and handle a medical malpractice case on your own. These cases can become extremely complex from a legal, medical, and procedural standpoint, which is why you want an attorney who has handled these cases before to have a greater understanding of what they can do for you. It may be difficult for you to make a determination of whether or not the hospital is actually guilty of negligence after you have ended up injured or ill due to something that happened in the hospital setting. Did the hospital staff act below the standard duty of care? If so, you may need to pursue an action against the staff or caring physician to receive damages for your injuries. 

Hotels in Newport Beach

When you are staying to see the many attractions and beautiful beaches of Newport, California, you may choose to stay in a hotel. Some of the most prized hotels in Newport Beach are Hyatt Regency, Island Hotel, and the Marriott Hotel and Spa – all of which are wonderful choices for your short or long stay, depending on what you want to see and where you want to go. However, hotels are not completely free of accidents, either. Unfortunately, the places where we may feel the most protected may not be protecting us as much as we believe they are, which is why many accidents occur every year and you may need a personal injury attorney to handle your case.

This is why we handle something known as “Inadequate Security Lawsuits,” which come about as premises liability claims when a property owner has failed to provide security for businesses or hotels. In some of these cases, a plaintiff has been injured because somebody decided to attack them or take action against them and security failed to come through for the plaintiff. This could mean that there was a lack of security guards where they were needed most in high-crime areas, or there were no cameras in places where cameras usually reside in hotels. Many hotels have an owner’s duty to provide adequate security to the people therein. Here are some of the things we help you consider as your lawyers in or around the area of Newport:

  • The nature of the business premises and whether or not it required specific security measures
  • The crime demographics and statistics in the immediate area and whether or not it had the high potential for crimes
  • The location of the incident and whether security would have been reasonably expected for that area (2)

Amusement Parks and Attraction Accidents

Newport has many attractions, such as amusement parks and areas for children and adults alike to enjoy themselves. However, where there are attractions there are also injuries such as broken bones, bruises, or even severe head trauma. In fact, in 2006, about 8,800 people were injured in amusement park rides, which just puts things into perspective and makes your need for a specialized attorney that much greater. Some of the reasons why these accidents occur are because of mechanical failures, improper operations, passenger misuse or failure to follow instructions or the inherent nature of the ride. Even so, governments regulate many of the rides that you may find in California; however, even with this authority, accidents will occur. Just as with any injury, we are there to help make a determination if negligence was at play and why you sustained your injuries, as well as how much you can receive in compensation.

The economy of Newport Beach, California, is pretty high which is why many more people are checking out this area as a place to buy homes and move for more excitement and to relish in the wonderful nature of California. It is also becoming a rich neighborhood, ranking eighth highest in the United States in a 2009 survey in regards to housing prices. Many large businesses are also moving to Newport Beach or operating successfully, making it a great place for many people to call home in our modern times. Because California is always growing and people are finding reasons to lay roots in this beautiful area, it is always a good idea to have an attorney on your side to protect you in your time of need.

If you live in or around the Newport Beach area and need an attorney due to an accident or injury, call us today. We will help you prove negligence and receive compensation to cover your injuries and any other bills that you have sustained. Call us today for help with your case.


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