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Learn How to Avoid Relying on a Faulty Employment Lawyer

While it might not be the most pleasant topic to consider, it is often the case that employees must reach out for help when standing up against injustice at the hands of their employers. When this occurs, the assistance of an employment lawyer can be an extreme boon. Yet, how can you determine if your attorney is worth his retainer fee before you agree to his terms? Consider the following tips if you ever find yourself taking your employer to court.


Do Extensive Research First

Talk to your friends, family, and other reliable sources to create a list of potential attorneys that have a solid record of good standing. While a lawyer may have an impressive website or commercial, nothing is as believable as firsthand experience. Don’t be afraid to investigate unbiased websites, such as Lawyers.com or Attorneys.com, to get an even broader insight on the exact lawyers that are in your area. Finally, state bar associations in every state typically offer educated referrals.

Talk to Them Personally

As soon as you have completed your list of potential attorneys, make an appointment to speak with them yourself. Be certain to ask about their certifications, membership in NELA, and their familiarity with current employment law. Ask to see these credentials, as pretending to have them is fairly easy.

Get to Know How Familiar Your Attorney is with Cases Such as Yours
Employment law is not a simple field. It involves an ever increasing number of legal areas, each of which complex in and of itself. Does your case concern labor disputes, harassment, wrongful job termination, or whistleblower protection? More often than not, a single employment lawyer will tend to focus only on one area. Inquire as to how familiar your attorney is with your specific type of concern.

Know Your Rights
Knowing your rights is the best way to be sure you and your lawyer are on the same page. As an employer, you are entitled to privacy of possessions and mail, the right to be free of discrimination and harassment, the right to work in a safe environment, and the right to fair compensation. Be sure that whomever you decide to work with knows which rights have been violated, so you can both defend them from the same vantage point.

Make Your Payment Arrangement Clearly Understood

Most employment lawyers in Los Angeles offer free consultations, but during this time you should discuss how much they will expect for their major services. Whether you will need to pay via contingency or the hour can vastly change the amount you can expect to incur. The last thing anyone wants is to be confused as to how much money they will be spending when it comes to a legal debate.