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Injured by a Defective Product – What Can I Do?

Product liability law is the legal rules that regard who is responsible for defective or dangerous products and will determine whether or not you will be able to recover damages. Under these laws, a manufacturer or seller will be held liable for placing a defective product into the hands of buyers, because manufacturers are held responsible for the products they place on shelves. (1)

product-liability-attorney-in-Chino-Hills-CaDetermining Fault

Determining the responsible party or parties is one of the most important things to be done in a product liability case. Was the product unreasonably dangerous and as a result, caused you injury? Were you using the product in a way that it was intended to be used and still became injured? If so, then you may be able to bring a lawsuit under something known as strict liability. Some of the parties who may be responsible for product liability include the product manufacturer, a manufacturer of parts, the party that installs the product, the wholesaler, and the retail store who sold the product to the consumer.

However, you should know that you couldn’t claim strict liability in a case where you knew about the defect prior. This is why you should always take a good look at the product that you’re using before you even use it. If it appears as if the condition is not good or that you described the condition before use as something faulty, then you may be giving up your rights for claiming damages. (2)

Product liability cases can be complex because establishing legal fault is not always as easy as it seems. Because of this, you may need the assistance of experts. This is why you should talk to an attorney today who knows how to handle your claim from start to finish. Call us today at RAWA Law Group so we can help you bring a product liability action.

Contact Rawa Law Group APC for more information at the following number 844-444-1400 or visit us at the following website https://www.zrawa.com, to setup a time to discuss your case. We can help you.


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