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How to Prove Fault in a Car Accident

You may have many questions after a car accident takes place: Where will I turn? Do I need an attorney? Who was at fault? The answer to this question may not be as easy to determine, as it seems. You see, many factors are considered when determining fault. You may wonder which party’s insurance will cover repairs and damages as well as when criminal liability comes into play if negligence was involved.

Proving Fault After Your Accident

Rear End Accidents and Left-Turn Collisions: These accidents are some of the most common types of accidents. If a car hits you from behind, it is almost always determined that they are at fault for your injuries and damages. It is a simple rule of the road that you must leave enough room in front of your car to stop if the car in front of you were to slam on their brakes. However, sometimes the case is a bit different when a third party caused the accident. Perhaps they did something dangerously, causing both of you to slam on your brakes. In that case, they would be at fault for the accident. However, you must always remember that contributory negligence still comes into play.

Left turn accidents are the same when it comes to this; The driver taking the left turn will almost always be at fault. However, in some cases, the car may have started turning left when it was safe but had to stop because an animal or person ran in front of them. Here, the liability may be shifted.

Traffic Laws: It pays to understand traffic laws when you have been injured in a car accident. Many people can find out about the rules of the road by simply looking in manuals or finding information on a government website. By understanding the laws that regulate your case, you can find out more information on how to proceed. Juries and judges understand these laws when it comes to making determinations about your car accident.

Police Reports: The Police are of utmost importance in a case where you are attempting to determine liability. If serious injuries occurred, you may expect to see police at the scene. Police will issue a police report, which contains very important information regarding the accident as well as the possibility of who was at fault. Perhaps they mentioned that the road conditions were harsh and that one party was speeding. Perhaps they will cite drug and alcohol use. You can inquire this information from the police department that responded to your accident. From there on out, will you have the vital information you need to help determine fault?

Examining the Evidence in Your Case

It is important to document special information regarding the accident based on what you see at the scene. You may remember it one way and another party may remember it another way, so you should always take pictures as well as take down information about conditions and more. You also want to contact any witnesses and ask them to give a description of the accident as well as any important contact information.

Have you been injured in a serious accident and, as a result, sustained injuries? It may be a wise idea to have an attorney on your side that can help you through the laborious process of determining fault and going to court for your injuries. We will help you gain the compensation you deserve after your accident.