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How do You Assess How Much Pain is Worth in a Settlement?

pain and suffering for personal injury cases San Diego, CaliforniaWhen you think of a personal injury case, you may perceive physical injury as the only way to receive damages. However, in some cases, you may be able to sue for something known as “pain and suffering,” which is when a monetary value is placed on both past and future physical and mental pain that the plaintiff suffers. But how id pain and suffering assessed in a settlement?

Dependent on Circumstances

The circumstances of your case are very important and will be a huge determining factor when assessing how you can receive damages for psychological, emotional, physical, or traumatic pain. Many people will find that putting a number value is difficult when making these determinations. However, one helpful element is having proof that you received medical bills through medication, treatment, and therapy. Research has shown that, at any given time, there are millions of people who have been harmed by somebody else in a negligent way. Proving that you have sustained harm at the hands of another will only help your case.

The Negative Aspects Involving Insurance

Insurance companies can be touchy when it comes to pain and suffering. The insurance company may attempt to “pull one over” on you because they understand that you may be unaware of how much your pain and suffering may actually be worth. (1) To ensure that you are getting a fair amount for your pain and suffering, you should always enlist in the help of a top personal injury attorney in San Diego – so call us today. Knowing that a low percentage of personal injury claims actually reach the courtroom, it is important to call us about your case today so that we can help you determine how much your case is worth.  Please call us at the following number 844-444-1400.

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