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Fontana Harassment and discrimination attorney

Fontana Harassment and discrimination attorneyHarassment constitutes all actions and comments that you consider offensive and unwanted when they are done or spoken to you. In the work place, harassment can take different forms, one of such forms is when disparaging comments are made about your race on a regular basis, it also includes situations whereby work is assigned to you on the basis of some racial bias that has thrived through the years. In combating the menace of discriminatory harassment, you would need to have filed an official complaint at your place of employment, stating your displeasure at the trend; this would give your case a whole lot of credence in court. Also, when you do this, you give the management of your place of employment the opportunity to address the situation by engaging certain measures. At their failure to do this, you then have the legal freedom to reach out to a qualified attorney who would help you craft a solid case for you in court.

At Rawa Law Group, our Harassment & Discrimination attorneys are some of the best in Fontana. Our services are guaranteed to not only rake in the desired results for you, but to be as convenient as possible. Rawa Law Group is a firm that has been actively involved in the legal sector for the past two decades and in that period we have brought hope and joy to the hearts of our many grateful clients by winning them the compensation they deserve. We will not bother you with the pressure of having to provide an upfront payment before we take on your case, we will only accept remuneration when we have successfully won for you the settlement that you deserve. So feel free to contact us today, we are here at your service.

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