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18 Wheeler Accidents

The Greatest 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney in San Diego

There are more than 3 million 18 wheelers on the roads across the United States traveling more than 94 billion miles each year. Tractor trailThe Best 18 Wheeler Truck Accident Attorney in San Diegoers serve a very important role in our economy, delivering goods and food across the country. Still, their size means 18 wheeler accidents are often devastating, and passenger vehicle occupants involved in these accidents sustain most of the injuries and fatalities. California now has the country’s third-highest number of registered 18 wheelers and the second-highest commercial truck accident fatality rate.

Nearly 1 out of every 8 traffic fatalities involve an 18 wheeler accident, even though commercial trucks account for just over 4% of the vehicles on our roads. Many of these accidents occur on the interstate highways going through San Diego. If you or someone you love has been hurt in a commercial truck accident, an 18 wheeler accident injury lawyer in San Diego can help you protect your rights and explore the legal options available to you.

What Causes 18 Wheeler Accidents in San Diego?

Tractor trailer accidents may be caused by any number of factors, but driver error is usually to blame. There are many ways in which an 18 wheeler can be involved in a serious accident:

  • Rollover accidents in which the commercial truck’s wheels leave the road may be caused by high winds, sudden braking, or high speeds. Rollover accidents involving an 18 wheeler have a high risk of serious injury.
  • Jackknifing accidents happen when the back of the trailer swings out of sync with the tractor. This often happens when the truck driver brakes suddenly and loses control of the 18 wheeler.
  • With 18 wheels, the chances of a tire blowout are increased. Tire blowouts can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle.
  • Lane change accidents usually happen because the truck has large blind spots. 18 wheeler drivers must use only their side mirrors to determine when they can safely change lanes. If another vehicle is in a blind spot, a collision can occur.
  • Under ride collisions happen when a vehicle such as a passenger car slides underneath the trailer during a collision, usually shearing off the top portion of the passenger vehicle.

In most cases, negligence or recklessness is the cause of 18 wheeler accidents. Commercial truck accident claims can be very complex as the passenger driver, truck driver, truck manufacturer, trucking company, and other parties may all have some liability. A trucking company may be liable if negligent hiring or training contributed to the accident, the manufacturer may be partly or solely responsible if a defective part caused the accident, and the truck driver may be responsible if fatigue, aggressive driving, or speeding contributed to the accident.The Greatest Truck Accident Attorney in San Diego

Contact a San Diego 18 Wheeler Accident Attorney

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a commercial truck accident, a San Diego personal injury lawyer can help you protect your rights and explore your legal options. Don’t speak to the insurance company before you talk to an attorney as you may limit your right to compensation. Contact Rawa Law Group for a free consultation with an experienced 18 wheeler injury lawyer in San Diego to discuss your case.

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