What happens if you are working for a company and you are not receiving all of the money that you have been making at work? What if they are withholding your money and putting it toward other things? If you haven’t been paid all of your earned money, then your employer may be held liable if you take up a wage claim against them. It is a law to pay employees of their deserving money.

Many state laws will encourage time limits in which to pay employees, paying out unused vacation or paid time off, prohibiting certain paycheck deductions, and more. If you believe your employer has violated your rights to be paid, then you need to seek the help of an experienced attorney to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve!

Why Are Wage Claims Useful? What do They Help You Recover?

If You Qualify, How do You File?

You must file your claim by mail or in person with the Labor Commissioner’s Office that handles wage claims for the city or community where you performed the work. Remember: You cannot file the claim form electronically or by fax. You must also provide an original signature, so hand-delivery is the only acceptable form turn-in.

What Are Some Violations by Employers?

  • Minimum Wage Violations: As an employee, you are entitled to earn at least the minimum wage for every hour you work, which is at least $7.25 but may be higher in a handful of states. If an employer has paid you less than minimum wage, then they are violating the law.
  • Hours Violations: It is a violation to refuse to pay for every hour worked. Employers are under violation when they don’t count certain time as work, including time employees have to work “off the clock,” meal or rest breaks where work is still being completed, required training programs/classes, or travel time.
  • Vacation Time: Paid vacation time is not required; however, many employers choose to offer this benefit. If they choose to, then that employer must pay employees for unused vacation time when it has accrued.
  • Paycheck Deductions: Some employers will legally be able to charge employees for things like tools and uniforms. Some states will also make it legal for an employer to hold a paycheck in order to pay back a debt owed to the employer.

The problem with wage claims is that it may be difficult to get the money you deserve unless you have an attorney working on your side. If your employer is violating the law, you can raise the issue internally by informing the HR or payroll department. If your complaints go unheard, you can consult with an attorney as a second step. Call RAWA Law Group today to find out if you have an actual claim and a case to move forward with. We will stand by your side and help you in your time of need.

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