Two-Car CollisionIn 2005, the National Sleep Foundation did a survey that showed 60% of adult drivers said they have driven a vehicle while feeling drowsy in a year’s time. The problem with drowsy driving is that there is no specific test to determine sleepiness as there is for intoxication, even though it has proven that people feel many of the same effects. The polls have also shown that 12% of people tend to drive faster when they are feeling tired on the roadways, which could contribute to more accidents.

Recently, legislative efforts have been made to reduce the amount of people who are driving on the roadways while fatigued. In 100,000 accidents occurring on the roadways each year, drowsy driving is at fault, making drivers liable for very serious accidents. There are many drowsy driving regulations put into place in specific states across the U.S. In some states, drivers who haven’t slept in certain periods of time are seen as driving negligently. In California, a resolution was enacted on April 6, 2005 known as Drowsy Driver Awareness Day to make drivers aware of the very real dangers of driving while fatigued.

How Drowsy Driving Counts as Negligence

You as the plaintiff must be able to show that the defendant in the case was acting negligently when they caused your accident. If a driver got behind the wheel of a vehicle while fatigued and fell asleep, this is enough evidence to prove your case and help you get the compensation you deserve. You must be able to show the courts that the defendant was not careful, also known as “breaching” their duty of care. You must also show that the defendant’s conduct caused your injuries and you suffered losses because of these injuries. Were you forced to miss time at work because you were receiving care in a hospital, or did you suffer emotional trauma because of the accident? These are damages that the defendant may owe to you.

No matter how big or small your accident case, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Injuries can keep you from enjoying elements in your day-to-day lifestyle and that is why we are there for you. Drowsy driving is outright negligence. Every driver must make sure that they are entering onto the roadways after receiving sufficient rest – so call us today if you have a claim.