Dealer New Cars StockDecades of years ago, things were very different in the way of vehicles. Today we take a look around and see times changing and vehicles receiving safety features that prevent injuries and save lives in the event of an accident. But what can we expect in 2020 as technology advances?

Car-to-X Communication: Many companies are trying out something known as Car-to-x communication, which is a way for vehicles to communicate with stoplights, report traffic, and warn vehicles in the event of an upcoming accident. This special “awareness” would save fuel, time, and lives.

Infiniti Lane Nannies: Infiniti car company is working on combining blind-spot monitoring and lane-departure warning systems. These monitors will steer your car back into its lane when you accidentally wander and will attempt to keep you from moving into the next lane when it is currently being occupied by another vehicle.

360-Degree Cameras in More Models: Many more vehicle companies are implementing 360-degree camera technology so that you have one more safety feature that can check behind you to make sure that you are not merging into oncoming traffic.

Effective Airbag Systems: Companies are researching how to implement seatbelt airbags. These will spread the force experienced during a collision over a larger area and help keep you in place in the event of an accident.

Night Vision Implementations: BMW especially has a certain system using infrared and displays to amplify available light and make it easier for drivers to see in the night.

In the next few years, you may see new features in vehicles that will help drivers significantly on the roadways. Because of these features, there may be a drastic drop in car accidents leading to injuries and fatalities. If you need help after an accident, call an attorney who will be there for you. Call us today for more.